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Couple Costumes

So, you’ve found a special someone and now you want to go to a costume party together? Or maybe you have a best friend, and you want to coordinate? Go in a couple costume! We’ve all seen couples create some memorable costumes together – whether wacky and absurd, or cutesy and loveable. There are many directions to go!

If you’re stumped for ideas, just look at pop culture. Who is the latest celebrity couple in the news? What’s the newest animated film or romantic comedy? What TV duo is inseparable? Just do an internet search for couple costumes and results will abound, from the obvious to the unique. For any couple, platonic or romantic, there will be a couple costume for your special duo.

You could go traditional – Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde. These are fun because though they are well-established couples ideas, they also have room for interpretation. You could make Bonnie and Clyde true heroes with paper “machine guns” and rice sacks of “money.” Romeo and Juliet could be contemporary or from another era – or perhaps they changed history because they were flower-children and petitioned for “peace, man.”

You could also go the wacky route. Taking Romeo and Juliet again, maybe you could be the couple after death – the undead! Paint your face grotesque and bloody, wear torn and bloody clothing, and shuffle around blank-faced. Or be Laurel and Hardy, the comedy duo of a bygone era. You don’t have to go for something everyone will understand. And who knows, you may even give some people at the party a cultural awakening!

Couples costumes don’t have to be elaborate, either. You don’t have to spend an entire paycheck on expensive store-bought items. For example, one of you can be a tree with an apple, just painting yourself brown and hanging an apple around your neck, and the other could wear a bedsheet and be Eve in the Genesis story. Or one person can wrap themselves in a cardboard box and the other can wear all brown and you can be a delivery person and a package. Use makeup to your advantage. Dress in old garb and paint yourselves white – you’re a black-and-white photo! Or buy cheap blue hair spray, wear red and be Thing 1 and Thing 2.


And you can always go all out. Cut and paint some cardboard circles, and you can be Mr. And Mrs. Pac-Man. Dress in your finest suit and summer shirtdress, and be Don and Betty Draper. Or get elaborate with your face painting and be a Day of the Dead-style skeleton couple. No matter what style you’re going for – elaborate, romantic, fun, irreverent, absurd, or classic – there is couple costumes out there for you two to purchase or create!